Ronot, more than 100 years in the name of quality
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Ronot, chaudronnerie industrielle et agricole - Plus de 100 ans d’expérience à votre service à Saint-Dizier en Haute-Marne (52)
Industrial and agricultural boilermaking
More than 100 years of experience

: 25 rue Jeanne d'Arc
- Saint-Dizier Cedex 52115
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Historique Ronot, chaudronnerie industrielle et agricole

Historique Ronot, chaudronnerie industrielle et agricole

RONOT Company was created in Year 1905 to Saint Dizier by M. Ernest RONOT. At the start of the production the activity is turn on agriculture, specially for agricultural material for breading and cooking.

With the years the activity got bigger and so the company needed to grow up. Nowdays this agricultural activity takes part of the main production of the company.

The setting up of galvanization activity allowed getting higher on breading market. The galvanization was an important way for improving the quality of RONOT products, which today enjoy an uncontested reputation, especially by their longevity.

In years 1950, it is going on with products’ diversification like pressured containers and fuel containers. With it, RONOT has built a name in accordance with the demands in terms of regulation and quality. The creation of design office allowed to answer to clients on their demands.

In 1986, RONOT got closer from BIEBER Company, Alsacienne renowned company, giving complementarities in production.

RONOT keep to complete its supply with creation of inox department, and by offering benefits subcontracts galvanizing, welding, plasma cutting and folding.
The search for quality, in both our products and in our services, allow us to provide products with the laste CE approvals.

Some numbers:
Turnover: 5.5 M Euros
Total area: 3.5 Ha
Covered area: 17000 m² for the main workshop and 1500 m² for galvanization shop.
In average: 80 employees.